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PowerHouse Hydroponics’ Top Three Values

1. Quality Education 
2. Lasting Relationships 
3. Social Responsibility 
…through awareness that leads to action.

Who We Are

PowerHouse Hydroponics is an educational media platform for anyone interested in learning about the benefits, technologies, and systems of soilless gardening.

What We Do

PowerHouse Hydroponics, the source for the latest international developments in hydroponic technology and research, teaches you how to build your own hydroponic systems or find automated systems that fit your lifestyle. PowerHouse Hydroponics gives you the educational tools to grow your own food.

What We Believe

At PowerHouse Hydroponics, we believe that as urbanized populations continue to grow, everyone should be aware of sustainable solutions to secure food sources: Hydroponics is an important technological solution available today that allows people to grow food under a multitude of conditions. Our mission is to communicate how hydroponic growing will benefit our food systems and how it can continue to advance as an emerging technology for the sustainable world.