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ATO 5 HP/4KW Single Phase VFD, 1 Phase Output

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California, USA

The new ATO single phase vfd technically solves the gap of speed regulation for 1-phase motors. Although single phase output VFD is not a common product for VFDs, single-phase motors can indeed work normally on single-phase output VFDs. Generally, single-phase asynchronous motors are most commonly used in household appliances, which rely on capacitors or resistors to separate the phases. The motor is often in a short-term repetitive state (on/off) when working, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. This will inevitably bring a series of disadvantages such as frequent starting, high noise, short motor life, poor temperature stability, and high energy consumption. The application of frequency conversion speed regulation technology of 5 HP/4KW singel phase VFD not only brings increased functions and improved performance to these home appliances, but also has obvious energy-saving and noise-reducing effects, and at the same time makes the life of the whole machine significantly longer than that of traditional home appliances.

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