Benefits Of Claiming Your Business

Is this your business?

The cost of advertising can eat into your annual marketing budget and some print and online adverting can cost thousands of dollars monthly. Not here! Hydroponics is a growing industry. Find out what the benefits are to claiming your business and the impact it can have on the Hydroponic Directory. Spend less and reach more. Find out how!


  1. Get more business

Powerhouse Hydroponics is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. By promoting your logo, images, video and more, you build your brand awareness and get noticed.


  1. Get found Online

Your Powerhouse Hydroponics listing gets you found on all the major search engines with the ability to connect consumers with your business profile and social media platforms instantly.


  1. Claim & Promote your listing

Claim your listing and update the information regularly. Add logos, photos, video and more.


  1. Link to your website 

Drive traffic and invite people to endorse your business. One click messaging directory to your email.


  1. Pick your listings

Choose a FREE listing, ENHANCED, or FEATURED listing according to your business needs.

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What you get.

Instant Changes

Make instant changes to update your business profile.


Get your own profile page

Add your business description and build your online reputation. Review and log all of your changes and reviews. Add social media direct links, contact information for easy access to your team, photos and videos and more.


Claim your business

Claim your business listing. Claiming your listing locks it so that only you can update it. You’ll be alerted each time it gets reviewed or tagged.


Enhanced listing

Featured listings will appear first, not in alphabetical order like the free listings. These spaces are limited. Ask about our sponsorship and partnership adverting opportunities by emailing [email protected].